Dr. Leroy Charles is a Board Certified Gynecologyst Diplomate and Fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Dr. Charles is Certified by the American Association of Gynecologica Endoscopy for the performance of major and advanced Gynecology Laparoscopic Surgery. He actively teaches these techniques across the United States and the World and is active in the lecture circuit.

Dr. Charles is a former associate clinical professor in obstetrical and Gynecology at Tufts University , School of Medicine and is the Director of Minimally Invasive Gynecological Services. At his center in West Palm Beach and Rio De La Loza Hospital in Mexico City , he teaches qualified physicians advanced Endoscopic Surgery. Dr. Charles has invented several successful surgical techniques namely:

  • The Laparoscopic Cervico Ithsmic Cerclage for the Treatment of Cervical Incontinence
  • The Laparoscopic Uterine Artery Ligation for the Treatment of Uterine Fibroids